When Low Carb Becomes Optional

When Low Carb Becomes Optional

As I have mentioned before, I have been dealing with gestational diabetes since I was about 20 weeks pregnant.  Last week, we delivered a healthy baby girl, who weighed a perfect seven pounds, seven ounces.  She is actually my smallest baby, even though I did not have gestational diabetes with my first. 

Now that I am free from gestational diabetes, the low carb diet I have become accustomed to is completely optional.  I am not sure how to feel about that.  The day after delivery, I weighed 11 pounds less than when I got pregnant, and I expect I will lose another 10 pounds or so as my body recovers from being pregnant.

Now, the first day home, I couldn’t resist splurging.  Something about having a baby makes a body want carbs, so I had the most unhealthy meal I’ve had in a long time – a McDonald’s Big Mac.  The habit of eating low carb has become so deeply ingrained in me that I felt guilty the rest of the day.

Even though I can get away with eating more carbs now, I think I will stick to my low carb diet.  I feel so much better about myself now that I am losing weight, and the thought of going back to my old ways of eating just seems so irresponsible.

I know many of you do not have the option of ditching the low carb diet, but I wanted you to know that even when it is optional, reducing carbs is part of a lifestyle change that really makes you feel better about yourself.  I won’t go back, even though I can.