Why I Love Participating in Studies

Why I Love Participating in Studies

Until fairly recently, I participated in several medical studies consecutive, with breaks of only weeks in between each.  I've been out of the last study for months now, and I thought I was going to take a break from studies for a little while -- until I got an offer to participate in yet another one.

I have to admit, I love participating in studies.  There is always a good reason to do so.  In one study, I was on a fantastic insulin for a year -- I can't wait for that one to get FDA approval and become widely available!  In another study, I was in the control group, so even though I didn't have to change anything, I still got paid for my time and had my medicines provided to me.

I've also done some short-term studies, some as short as a single day or even just a questionaire.  Some studies pay quite well, especially considering the amount of time you put into them, and of course having medications provided is almost like getting paid, too -- as any diabetic knows, you can spend a lot of money each month on insulin, needles, test strips, and so on.  Getting that stuff for free almost always makes the studies worth doing.

But most of all I love learning more about diabetes and the newest medicines and technology for treating it.  There is often an opportunity to learn more about my body, too.  For example, one study I did took ultrasound readings of my heart, which was kind of cool to see.  Another did several nerve conduction tests, and it was interesting (not to mention quite a relief) to learn that I haven't lost any nerve conduction in my lower legs and feet since I've been diabetic.

There are lots of reasons why it might be beneficial for you to do a medical study, and the check you get at the end of it is only one reason out of many!