White Rice Increases Diabetes Risk

White Rice Increases Diabetes Risk

Ya know, you just can’t seem to win these days when you try to eat healthy. I have always been a big fan of white rice and thought it was an incredibly healthy meal. I don’t even like it covered in all the sauces, etc. that make it unhealthy.

I’m happy with a steaming hot pile of white rice with a little butter. I don’t eat it often, but when I did I always thought I was doing something good for my body. Harvard University scientists have discovered that eating white rice regularly can increase your chances of getting diabetes by 11 percent. This may not come to a shock to most people, but this was associated with mostly Asian and Western cultures.

According to Harvard; and they are never wrong, just ask them; some Asian communities will eat the dish 3-4 times a day. The good news is that if you are a fan of brown rice then there are nutrients and vitamins in it that can actually help prevent diabetes.

The study showed that the more white rice you eat, the higher the chance of developing Type II diabetes. If I take all my risk factors into account, then it was pretty much inevitable that I would development diabetes. My family history, habits and not apparently rice eating made me about 115 percent likely to get diabetes.

When you’re facing odds like that, there isn’t much hope. Luckily, everything is under control know thanks to diet and exercise. I guess I have to switch to brown rice now.