Kids Low in Vitamin D May be High in Diabetes Risk

Kids Low in Vitamin D May be High in Diabetes Risk

A recent study of more than 400 obese children and 87 normal weight children has uncovered the potential for vitamin D deficiency to be a contributing factor for diabetes.  Though this study is the first of its kind in kids, similar studies have already shown this possibility in adults.

The obese kids were three times more likely to be vitamin D deficient, and also more likely to forego breakfast, as well as drinking more sweetened drinks such as soda and juice.  Researchers theorize that the lifestyle habits of missing breakfast and drinking sweetened drinks may contribute to lower vitamin D levels. 

Also interesting to note from this study is the fact that children with normal weights had greater fluctuation in their vitamin D levels according to seasons.  This suggests that they have greater sun exposure, which is the primary source of vitamin D.  Other sources include foods such as oily fish, eggs and milk.

According to researchers, studies are already being administered to see how supplementing with vitamin D affects the risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

What is interesting about this study is that it ties obesity to vitamin D levels.  Perhaps being active and playing outside are not the only things obese kids are missing out on – maybe vitamin D levels have more to do with obesity than we know.

We are learning that vitamin D is more necessary than previously thought, and that most of us are lower than we should be.  A simple vitamin D supplement can help with other issues related to vitamin D deficiency, so it doesn’t hurt to begin taking a supplement while we wait for the results of the next study.